SPHE Conference

Being, Becoming and Beyond: SPHE in Children and Young People’s Lives

The 6th SPHE Network conference is entitled ‘Being, Becoming and Beyond: SPHE In Children and Young People’s Lives’. At this important juncture of curriculum development and change, this conference aims to reflect on being and becoming for children and young people, using SPHE as a lens. This theme speaks to many disciplines, and the conference provides an opportunity to interrogate children’s being and becoming from a variety of perspectives; including theoretical, sociological, psychological, philosophical and curricular and from an overall school experience perspective.

Unmute Yourself! Communication and Education in Response to Crises

Graphic Harvesting by Ruth Graham

You can view a selection of presentations from the conference here:


Weaving Well-Being

PDST Health and Wellbeing

Diversities: Interpretations in the Context of SPHE

Citizenship Education: 100 Years On

Understanding Well-being in Changing Times: The Role of SPHE

The Future of SPHE: Problems and Possibilities