Funding Award

Aim of the SPHE Network Funding Award

The aim of the SPHE Network is to support its members in their work in SPHE through provision of information, sharing of resources and creation of opportunities for continuing personal and professional development. To assist members to access continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities, the Network has decided to offer a limited number of funding awards to individual members. The award(s) will have a value of up to €300 per applicant in any one academic year, and will not exceed three awards in any given year[1]. Only activity that can be receipted will be considered.


For the purpose of the SPHE Network Funding Award, a member is defined as an individual who has held membership for at least one year in the last two years, and who is a current member.

How to Apply

The SPHE Network will notify members when the award application process opens at the beginning of the academic year. Prospective recipients will complete an application form which can be accessed below. Any queries may be directed to

Selection Criteria

In order to process applications and make recommendations for approval of funding awards, a Funding Award Sub-committee will be set up under the direction of the Chairperson of the Network. It will comprise of at least two current members of the Network who are not linked to any funding application and one external person. This sub-committee will be transparent in their dealings with all applications, and will issue a short report annually on the allocation of funds under the SPHE Network Funding Award. The following criteria will be used to guide the awarding of any bursaries:

  • Eligibility of applicant(s) (see above)
  • Alignment of proposed CPD activity to SPHE principles, values and foci
  • Commitment of applicant(s) to share their learning with all Network members through a 10 minute presentation and a blog (600 words) for the SPHE Network website (
  • Ability of applicant to complete CPD within the academic year of application, ie before 31st August of the academic year in question.

[1] The SPHE Network may choose to award a lesser or greater amount to any applicant +/-€100, or not to award any funding in any given year. This information sheet applies only to 2019-20 academic year and may be amended in future.

2020-2021 funding award applications details coming soon!

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